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If You Plan On Investing In A “Flip House” Do It Right

Ah the American dream. The hope that some saved investment money will yield more for you when your dreams become reality. You’ve spent hours watching the so called “Flip shows” on the DIY network and your burning desire is to be the next great guru of homes. The paint! The pretty fixtures! Everyone else is […]

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Poor Workmanship

I’m sorry to say that there are some builders in the market place who attempt to deal with less than acceptable practices. I recently visited a home owner in central MS who has hired one such contractor. See how out of level this one week old room was. She simply let go of the wheel […]

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Will My Exposed Slab Be An Issue When I Want to Sell?

Gary, I have a question about my personal home that you might be able to answer. The south side of my yard is considerably lower than the north. Therefore my flower beds on the south side are more “raised”. We want to lower the beds by removing dirt but it will make the actual foundation […]

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