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With the constant evolution of the real estate market, I’ve found it meaningful to share DIY Inspection tips and tricks with my social media followers and the general public.

A home inspection professional is hired to help uncover unsafe and unwanted property conditions. The conditions are reported through a “somewhat” standard format that describes the building and its surroundings. Most fee-paid inspectors don’t use tools to dismantle the equipment. The inspection is visual – none invasive.

Some homeowners think that once the purchase inspection is finished, it’s time to relax. However, after the purchase, the building continues to change. When you hire a repairman or remodel, the new conditions need an inspection. Annually – all outside components need an inspection. It’s an ongoing job.

After the property settlement, you’ll be responsible for the changes. Over time, you’ll need a support system to monitor and/or maintain the property. In most cases (if it gets done), you’ll do it yourself – DIY. My goal is to help you learn how to keep your home safe and sound.

One of the most important aspects of homeownership is to remember that homes are local. They are affected by local weather and soil conditions. For the most part, the home’s construction is governed by local building laws, habits, and construction techniques.

I live and inspect homes in central Mississippi. Some of the content I share will apply to all climate zones – some of the content won’t apply.

Email me or leave comments and questions at the bottom of each page. I’m an active inspector and regularly update the topics below.


Heating and Cooling







Outside The Home

Inside The Home

Safety (fire, falls, etc.)

WARNING – You take full responsibility for your actions when attempting to make repairs independently. ALWAYS – hire a licensed and bonded/insured contractor to perform repairs and maintenance. This content is for information only.

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