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According to the disclosure statement, the roof was replaced 5 years ago. However – the original owner didn’t keep a record of the installation, and you have no idea which roofing company installed the roof.

You now see distinct color variations, and believe you have a valid roof warranty claim. What’s the next step, and how can you file a claim?

When investing in a new roof, understanding the warranty is essential. Some roof warranties can be transferred to a new homeowner, providing ongoing protection after a property changes hands.

Here’s what you need to know:

Can Roof Warranties Be Transferred?

Yes, many roof warranties are transferable, but there are some important points to remember:

  • Limitations: Most warranties allow only one transfer – to the immediate new homeowner. Subsequent buyers may not be eligible. The specific limitations and terms vary significantly between manufacturers and even between different warranty levels offered by the same company.
  • Fees: Some manufacturers charge a small administrative fee to process a warranty transfer. NOTE: Even if the warranty transfer isn’t approved (e.g., the roof is too old, etc.), the fee may not be refunded. Read the fine print.
  • Reduced Coverage: Called “Pro-Rated Coverage,” the warranty may diminish based on the roof’s age at the transfer time. Again, read the fine print. Check the roofing company’s website for an FAQ page.
  • Most Important Information: 1) Product Purchased: 2) Date of Installation: 3) Roofing Contractor: 4) Contractor’s Telephone Number:

How to Transfer a Roof Warranty

While the specific process varies by manufacturer, here’s a general overview:

  1. Deadlines: Most companies have strict timelines (often 60 days) for submitting a transfer request after the property sale.
  2. Documentation: You’ll generally need the following:
    • Proof of ownership (deed, closing documents).
    • The original installation date of the roofing product.
    • Proof of purchase from the manufacturer.
  3. Submission: Contact the roofing product manufacturer by phone or online to initiate the transfer process.

Tips for Homeowners (Especially Sellers)

  • Register your warranty: Immediately after your new roof is installed, register your warranty with the manufacturer according to their instructions.
  • Sellers keep your records: Store all paperwork, including purchase receipts and the warranty document(s), in a secure location for easy retrieval if/when you sell your home.

What if I don’t have the warranty documents?

If the previous owner didn’t retain the records, try these options:

  • Contact the installer/supplier: They may have records of the original purchase and the installation date. Roofing material vendors may retain delivery records based on the property address.
  • Bundle Wrapper: Did the seller leave extra shingles in storage? The production date might be printed on the plastic wrapper surrounding the shingle bundles.
  • Check the local building permit office: Roofing permits may contain information. Check to confirm the install date or fees for re-roofing, if required, in your area.
  • Contact the roofing manufacturer: Reach out to the product manufacturer directly. Even without complete documentation, they may be able to assist or offer alternative solutions.
  • GAF Warranty: Go Here
  • Owens Corning Warranty: Go Here
  • CertainTeed Warranty: Go Here
  • Atlas Warranty: Go Here
  • IKO Warranty: Go Here

Remember, when buying a home with a new-ish roof, get all the information you can before you close. If you’re selling, don’t forget to save receipts and warranty information.

Once you take possession, most warranties have a transfer period time limit.

Understanding your roof warranty, the transfer process, and the importance of accurate record-keeping can provide peace of mind and ensure your roof stays protected for years!

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