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The water control layer is the most important. The water control layer is the most important. The water control layer is the most important. Do we need to say it again?

Finally – the perfect wall!

I agree with Joe, I don’t recall getting a call from a client complaining the building was leaking air. However, substitute air with water. Now the phone call sounds something like this: “OMG, my home is leaking water!”

So, what is “so perfect” about this wall?

One of the reason’s this wall is perfect is that it’s very easy to connect the four layers of the enclosure when they are all on the outside of the building.

In order of importance, with #1 being the most important of the four layers:

  1. The Water Control Layer
  2. The Air Control Layer
  3. The Vapor Control Layer
  4. The Thermal Control Layer
Joseph Lstiburek

Here are some questions answered in the following video:

  • What to do about errors in the building code?
  • Why does the code suffer so much over insulation and R-value?
  • If we can’t apply this to every building and win every battle, what are the most important battles?
  • What is a great reason for a green roof?
  • How do you keep your clients happy and stay out of trouble?
  • Where are most of the problems in the building enclosure attributed to?
  • How do you find the water control layer on a window so you can connect it to the water control layer on your wall?
The Perfect Wall – Joseph Lstiburek

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