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The Truth About Home Inspection Reports – Or Says This Carpenter!

This video is aimed at home buyers who are about to get a home inspection report. The speaker, who is a carpenter himself, aims to educate home buyers about what to expect from a home inspection report and how to get the

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Whole House Surge Protection

Storm at night

Power surges can happen when lightning strikes, either directly or nearby, when the power supplied by the utility company surges and fluctuates, and even when large motors like your A/C equipment start-up. According to a study by Mississippi State University, Madison County,

The Chimney Effect: What Southern Homeowners Need to Know

If you live in a typical Southern home – single-story, brick, slab foundation, and maybe lacking updated energy efficiency improvements – the chimney effect has likely impacted your comfort and energy bills without you even realizing it. The chimney effect (stack effect)

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