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How do I use Messenger Codes?

Note: This feature is only available on iOS and Android.

Messenger Codes make it easy to start conversations with people or businesses that aren’t in your Messenger contacts yet. Scanning a person’s or business’s code with your phone will open the option to send them a message.

To see your code or scan someone’s code:

  1. From the Recent tab, tap
  2. Tap your picture at the top of the page
  3. Tap My Code to let someone scan your code, or Scan Code to scan someone else’s

You can publish your Messenger Code (ex: profile picture, business cards) to let people find you easily.

Here’s where to find the code on your business page (fan page).

Picture of SafeHome Inspections Fan Page

How to locate your fan page scan code.









Scan our fan page (SafeHome Inspections Business Page) and contact us today!

Home Inspector – Home Builder and Building Consultant/Coach

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