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This video is about installing a tankless wall-hung toilet by Toto. The contractors are installing this toilet in their garage but plan to use the same system in their house.

The first step is to install the framing for the toilet. They use two-by-six studs for the framing. They also installed a metal sleeve on the framing for the water supply line.

Next, they installed the tank for the toilet. The tank is mounted to the framing with screws. The next step is to install the bowl. It’s hung on the tank with bolts.

Finally, install the plumbing for the toilet. The plumbing includes the water supply line, the drain line, and the fill line. You’ll also want to plan for electricity to send warm water to the bidet and the heated seat.

I love this toilet installation. It’s easier to clean, the wall connection doesn’t require a wax ring, and it takes up less space. The tankless design is also more efficient.

Planning Considerations

When planning this type of toilet, consider:

  • Cost: Tankless toilets are typically more expensive than traditional toilets upfront, but they can save you money on your water bill in the long run.
  • Maintenance: Tankless toilets require less maintenance than traditional toilets, but they can be more expensive to repair if they break down.
  • Electrical: This model has a heated seat, requiring a dedicated 15AMP circuit and wall receptacle.
  • Installation: Tankless toilets can be more difficult to install and require more planning than traditional toilets, so you may need to hire professionals.

Overall, tankless toilets are a great option for homeowners looking for a water-efficient and low-maintenance toilet. In the video, the contractors installed a Toto S550e+ Washlet toilet. This is a high-end tankless toilet with several features, including a heated seat, a bidet, and a dryer. They seemed happy with the toilet and remarked it was easy to install. Take care; it is important to communicate with all subcontractors and not puncture the tank during construction.

Other Toilet Brands

Here are some other brands of tankless toilets that you may want to consider:

When choosing a tankless toilet, it is important to consider the size of your bathroom, the features you’re looking for, and your budget. Overall, this video is a helpful guide for anyone interested in installing a tankless wall-hung toilet.

Good job guys!

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