How to Replace Garage Door Weather Strip

What kind of garage door seal do you have?

First let’s determine the configuration of the seal at the bottom of the door. Regardless of whether they’re made of wood or metal, most garage doors have a two-part seal consisting of a U-shaped weather-stripping insert and an extruded metal or PVC “retainer”.

Alternatively, your garage door seal may be manufactured in a single piece. All three types of weather seals are secured to the lower panel using screws.

What’s the situation?

Is it just the U-shaped weather-stripping insert that’s torn or damaged? Or is the retainer damaged, as well?

If your weather seal is like the ones in the first or second pictures, you can change just the U-shaped insert. But if it’s like the one in the third picture, you’ll have to change the entire seal assembly.

Here are the steps to follow to replace the U-shaped weather-stripping insert at the bottom of your garage door:

6 Steps to Follow

1 Raise the garage door to a convenient height so it’s easy to work on. If you don’t have an electric door opener, you can hold the door in place by securing a pair of vice-grips to the vertical rail.

2 The weather-stripping insert may be stuck in the retainer. If so, use a silicone-based lubricant or water mixed with a little dishwashing soap to loosen it.

3 You can cut one side of the weather-stripping insert, moisten it thoroughly with your water-soap mixture and then pull on the other side to remove the whole piece.

4 Once the insert is removed, clean the retainer carefully with a wet rag to remove any dirt or debris.

5 When installing the new weather-stripping insert, it’s recommended to have someone help you. One of you will pull the insert with a pair of vice-grips while the other one guides it through the retainer.

6 Cut off any excess weather-stripping at each end of the door panel. Don’t pull the weather-stripping too tight. Instead, just let it rest naturally inside the retainer.

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