Green Verified vs Green Certified

There is no doubt about it. Green is hot! It’s everywhere! But with respect to housing what’s the difference in “Green Verified” and “Green Certified”?

If you talk to 10 different people you’ll most likely get 10 different answers to “What does green mean?”

You’ll hear everything from “Yes, we’ve gone green at my office by buying recycled copy paper!” to “Green…sure I bought one of GM’s new SUVs, they’re environmentally friendly. See, the commercials place their vehicles in a forest setting?”  Actually, General Motors is a member of the Coalition of Vehicle Choice, an organization that opposes clean air legislation and laws directed at reducing auto emissions. Huh, are you sure? Yes, check it out!

What about housing?

When you purchase a home and the builder makes a green declaration how can you tell if he’s done the right thing or just blowing smoke to ride a wave of hype!?!

There are two basic types of Green Certification programs in America today. The builder or owner verified program and the unbiased 3rd party verification.

The NAHB Green Building Standard, LEED-H, Energy Star, Earth Craft and Green Built are some of the more promenant certifying bodies in the US.


Certifications for green construction are awarded upon successfully adhereing to the particular specifications of their respective programs. Typically, points are awarded for specific energy or resource efficient principles. Other areas of note are water efficiency, indoor air quality and home owner education.


Verification for green is typically an indepth technical visual  inspection process that confirms program adherence and includes performance testing. This test is provided by highly trained “energy raters” who deterime, amoung other readings, how air tight the building is and how well the heating and air conditioning system operates.

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2 thoughts on “Green Verified vs Green Certified

  1. Thanks for the clarification on these terms. “Green” sure can mean a lot of things and the typical consumer or homebuyer would not know the difference.

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