Granite :: The Love/Hate Relationship

For millions of years we’ve been cutting stone. Early humans used stone tools to hunt and to defend themselves. As far back as 5,000 B.C. man has created stone structures. It has a classic durable quality and embodies a uniqueness like no other natural building product. But…talk about getting run over by the “Fad Freight Train”! Are you ga-ga over Granite too? If so, you’er in good company.

I think if I hear one more peep about Granite, I’ll croak!

Ok Ok … I know you love it. Natural Beauty. Been around since the beginning of time. It’s the stone of the pyramids – for heavens sake! But…your stone may not hold it’s beauty for long.

So…Now that you’re hooked and vested watch these tips on how to care long term. Otherwise…if you don’t seal, wipe, protect and polish…it could cost ya!


What are some of it’s challenges? Add to this list in the comment section below!

  1. It’s cold. Forget about setting a nice warm plate of viddles on Granite. 
  2. It stains. Wipe that wine up quickly.
  3. It’s a pain in the rear. You gotta seal your counter top!
  4. It scratches (and they’re seen more with certain colors)
  5. If damaged , it can be equally (if not more) expensive to replace.
  6. It may not come with a warranty.
  7. It could increase your home’s value? Really? Are you sure about that? Best check the details on that one…

[button link=””]Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone[/button]

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