Google’s Tip of the Day – Verify Your Author Info

google-authorship24Strike that. Make this the “tip of the year(s)”!

Are you busy building your brand online? Then you should know that visibility + trust = higher ranking.

Folks are looking for your service every day of the week. 90% of them are using Google Search and you’re hoping Google search will show your domain (website) in the top 10 spots for your local area? Oh, you’re not listed?

Don’t :: Down play/Blow off the importance of creating a Google+ Profile

Do :: Create a Google+ Profile and connect your profile page to your website. Think of it as hooking up a huge chain to your car and calling Google’s road side assist to pull you out of the Grand Canyon. Because if you fail to do the do, the don’t will leave you (along with the others) in the ditch.   

Start by proving that you own your website and that you are, who you say you are. Do that by going here: Author information in search results – Webmaster Tools Help.

For a more in-depth explaination of authorship and it’s importance listen to Martin Shervington and Mark Traphagen. Mark is an expert on authorship.

photo: BluePoloInteractive

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