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White Paper Supports Bringing Back the 203K Investor Loan

Increased Lending and More Loan Modifications and Short Sales, Key to Recovery, Say Realtors(R)

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Dryer Fires – How Safe is Your Home?

Statistics show that more than 15,000 residential house fires a year are caused by poorly maintained dryer vents. Here are some tell-tale signs of trouble ahead. The home I inspected had a vertical, schedule 40 PVC pipe installed in the wall that terminated through the roof. Peeking into the vent just behind the dryer, I […]

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The Secret of Giving 100%

What makes us human beings different than any other creations in this world? It’s our ability to take our thoughts and translate them into speech and the written word so that our ideas can be shared with generations. The words we speak, the words we write are powerful.

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Gift Cards

Are you giving a gift card this year?

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Annual Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Deck

Nothing (we can think of) beats great barbecue sandwiches and outdoor family fun. Sometimes the fun happens on an outdoor deck. Follow our tips and advice to keep you deck safe and maintained throughout the season! To ensure years of carefree, easy living on your deck, take time each year for an inspection and (if […]

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