What is an AFCI – Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter, and why should I care?

First introduced in the 1999 edition of the National Electric Code, AFCIs were required for bedroom receptacle outlets, and in every code cycle since their introduction, the protection requirements have expanded. Today, AFCI breakers are required in almost all locations in the

Home Maintenance Tasks That Don’t Require Tools

photo of house with curb appeal

This task should be performed at least once a year. It’s simple. If you have a garage door opener, with the door in the closed position, disengage the opener by pulling the red handle on the release rope. Manually lift the door about 1/2 way up. If balanced – the door will not fall closed or quickly jump open during the test.

4 Winter Home Safety Tips to Live By – Space Heaters

SafeHome Inspection Fire Safety Inspections

Fire hazards are greater in the winter months. Here are 4 health/safety tips to remember. Watch the video below. Stay safe and warm when it’s cold outside: 1: Keep items at least 3 feet away from space heaters. 2: Maintain your heating

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