Breathe Easy: Understanding the Importance of Proper Ventilation for Gas Stoves

Gas Burner on a cooktop.

Using a gas stove without proper ventilation can lead to indoor air quality issues, including respiratory problems and mold growth. While recirculating venting systems can help to improve indoor air quality, they may not be as effective as vented systems.

2 Reasons to Dump Your Grandmother’s Gas Space Heater

Space Heater

I remember my Grandmother’s kitchen (and her family room and her bathroom and her bedroom)!! She would say, “Come on in son and stand by the heater, you look cold!” I also remember another feature about her house. Her windows fogged up

#1 on My Top 10 Most Reported Safety Conditions – Range Anti-Tip

This is one of my Top Ten most reported home inspection conditions. Free-standing, slide-in, and built-in kitchen ranges can tilt forward when too much pressure is applied to an open oven door. Tipping the oven may result in injuries, scalds, and/or burns from

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