#1 on My Top 10 Most Reported Safety Conditions – Range Anti-Tip

This is one of my Top Ten most reported home inspection conditions.

Free-standing, slide-in, and built-in kitchen ranges can tilt forward when too much pressure is applied to an open oven door. Tipping the oven may result in injuries, scalds, and/or burns from hot food and liquids. 

The bracket is included with the new appliance. Unfortunately, it gets tossed in a drawer or the garbage. I often find them still wrapped in plastic on the oven shelf. When buying a new home, speak with the builder or remodeling contractor about installing the bracket.

How To Install Anti-Tip Bracket

If your range has one, pull the lower drawer entirely out, and with a flashlight, look under range. It will most likely be fastened to the rear leg of the range. If you can tilt the range more than 2 inches, the device is missing or needs to be adjusted.  Most big box stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot, or your local hardware store) carry them. 

Installation instructions for the GE Long Anti-Tip Bracket. The steps are the same for the short version.

Free Standing Stove with an installed anti-tip device.
Location for the anti-tip device.

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