Tips for Creating an Effective Google+ Profile

Lately, in Google+ I’ve circled Chris Brogan (and you should too). He recently wrote a business manual about the Google+ Social Network: “Google+ for Business.  An in-depth look at the inner workings or Google+ and tips and tricks that makes for great advise. The book is mentioned in a recent article in Top Rank, where they quoted a few of Chris’s tips for creating an effective profile on Google+.

The introduction field [About] in your Google+ profile should include:

* Professional Experience: give your potential customers an idea of what it might look like to work with them.
* Personal Information: this will inform prospects what matters most to you outside of business.
* Linking: do not stuff your profile with links but be sure to link to outside resources where appropriate.

Here’s a short video intro for Chris.

Catch me (that means +1 my pages!!) and my business on Google+ at the following links:

Personal Page
SafeHome Inspections
203K Consultant
ASHI Home Inspector 

Here’s a quick link to buy Chris’s book.

I recommend it!

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