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Displaced Wall Insulation: Simple Solution

Displaced Insulation

In the ever-evolving world of residential construction, we can use old-school techniques to help solve a modern insulation challenge – displaced wall cavity insulation. Two terms from bygone eras of construction – “sarking” and “scrim” – offer valuable insights into solving a

Know The Difference: Municipal Code Inspectors vs Building Consultants

When buying or selling a home, you should know two key figures: the municipal code inspector and the building consultant (home inspector). While both inspect buildings, their roles, responsibilities, and how they serve you differ significantly. Let’s explore these differences to help

When and Why Existing Homes May Need to Meet New Building Codes

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly functional house suddenly needs to meet new building codes? Whether you’re planning a renovation, changing the use of your home, or dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, understanding when and why you might need to bring your home up to code is essential.

Understanding and Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

We consider air quality a risk faced outside, but indoor air can also be polluted. Smoke, vapors, mold, and chemicals used in certain paints, furnishings, and cleaners can all affect indoor air quality and our health. As someone who’s spent years teaching

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