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My Top 10 Design Criteria to Help Your Loved One “Age-In-Place”

Floor plan for the age-in-place lifestyle.

Here are my top 10 design criteria for residential construction that meet the “age-in-place” lifestyle. Called universal design, the idea aims to create a living environment that’s accessible, safe, and convenient for people as they age. We have a local builder in

Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank Style Water Heater: Which Is Better for Your Home?

If you are considering replacing your old water heater or installing a new one, you might be wondering whether to choose a tankless water heater or a tank-style water heater. Both types of water heaters have pros and cons, and the best

Becoming a Successful Home Inspector in the US: 7 Primary & 7 Secondary Required Skills

To become a successful professional home inspector in the US, the following primary skills are essential: Secondary skills that can help in becoming a successful professional home inspector in the US include: If you are considering the home and building inspection profession,

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