Is your real estate service provider also a Farmer?

shortlistEvery agent has one. Every builder has one. I imagine that almost everyone who engages in any business venture has one. They’re your trusted group, your right arm; they’re the ones you turn to – the ones you trust. They’re called your “Short List”. But, when you recommend them, do you really know what they’re doing with your client’s data.

As it turns out, many of our local real estate service providers and vendors feed on your client’s contact information. How can you tell? Most often it’s right there in their service agreement.

Here’s sample language that you most likely don’t want to find in your trusted “short list” service agreements.

“Your inspector may have an affiliation with a stated or unstated third party service provider who may in turn offer you additional value-added services and products. The provider affiliation requires the inspector to authorize your permission to provide your contact information (including your telephone number) to the provider and, furthermore, you waive and release any restrictions that may prevent the provider from contacting you (including by telephone or electronic email) and, furthermore, you authorize the provider the right to contact you (including by telephone or electronic email) regarding any future special offers or programs, both with the third party service provider or their affiliates.”

Does this activity tend to compromise the License Law for Mississippi Inspectors? The home inspection profession has a code of ethics. The first line reads, in part:

Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity. (underline emphasis by gary smith)

The Code of Ethics goes on to say, in part:

Section C. Inspectors shall not directly or indirectly compensate realty agents, or other parties having a financial interest in closing or settlement of real estate transactions, for the referral of inspections or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements.

Section E. Inspectors shall not accept compensation, directly or indirectly, for recommending contractors, services, or products to inspection clients or other parties having an interest in inspected properties.


My Commitment

Rest assured, my service agreement does not include client information farming tactics. We will NEVER send your client’s data to third parties. Ever.

No “Big Bucks Deals”.

No “Hocus Pocus”.

No Game Playing…

But you will get solid advice, sound unbiased timely reporting and a trusted professional relationship.

Your information and your client’s privacy and interests are protected.


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