Is Your Porch Too Beautiful To Screen?

Take a walk down the streets of any historic neighborhood and it is easy to see the allure of a grand old porch. Each genre of architecture has its own unique way of celebrating this inviting sanctuary that links the home with the surroundings of outdoor life. Sadly, a charming porch will often remain vacant during mosquito season as homeowners are reluctant to destroy its lovely character with permanent screening.

This is exactly the dilemma we faced and I wasn’t about to spend thousands of dollars to ruin our porch with what I considered to be a permanent eye sore. Yet, watching your children being served up to the pesky insects was enough to make my blood boil. – Kurt Jordan of Mosquito Curtains Inc.

During the next few seasons, the Jordans received many compliments on the billowing curtains that many neighbors assumed were merely decorative. They’ve continued to experiment with various fabrics and hanging techniques including Velcro® tape and tracking used for hospital privacy curtains. Today they offer seamless curtains up to 12’ tall for virtually any length and shape.

The company’s website, has shipped more than 4,000 orders in the first three seasons of operation to customers in the United States and abroad. Mosquito Curtains appeal to both owners of upscale residences who appreciate its pleasing aesthetics, and budgeted homeowners who appreciate an 80% cost savings compared to a professionally installed framed screen. A typical 40’L x 10’H curtain with attachment kit costs $390 and optional tracking costs about $4.00/ft.

Surprisingly, we sell more curtains north of Ohio than south. Evidently, those in the north place a premium on enjoying a shorter warm season and must also endure swarming black flies.

The durable, knitted and heat-cured polyester is easy to care for and comes in three neutrals: white, ivory and black. The airy Mosquito Curtain is machine washable and is custom designed to fit most porch, gazebo or under deck configurations. Curtains are delivered in 2-5 business days and self-installation is quick and easy using only household tools.

A front porch is like a pair of outstretched arms inviting visitors into the heart of your home. Mosquito Curtains provide a pleasing sanctuary for friends and family.

The Mosquito Curtain is a product of Georgia-based Mosquito Curtains Inc. For more information on the Mosquito Curtain or to place an order, you can visit them online at or call 770-645-4745.

We’ll help you customize your porch with Mosquito Curtains. Give us a ring: 601-454-5559 (Central Mississippi)

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