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I am available for Ride-Along inspector training. Please adhere to the following.

Before the Inspection | On the Day of the Inspection | After the Inspection

As part of being an ASHI Associate on an ASHI Parallel Inspection, your responsibilities include:

  1. Being respectful of the full ASHI Certified Inspector (and possibly another ASHI Associate) before, during and after the inspection.
  2. Being careful not to damage anything during the inspection and being respectful and polite to the client and buyer/seller before, during and after the inspection.
  3. Being on time, dressed appropriately and prepared with the basic knowledge of home inspection and the appropriate tools, equipment, including a method for creating an inspection report.
  4. Completing a full and complete home inspection conducted to the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and providing this report to the ASHI Certified Inspector, who is your ASHI Parallel Inspection Guide.
  5. Receiving the feedback and comments from your ASHI Parallel Inspection Guide and incorporating these changes into your report. You, not your Guide, are responsible for maintaining the file on this inspection.

Before the Inspection…

  1. Find a Parallel Inspection Guide – Make contact with an ASHI Certified Inspector who has agreed to serve as a Parallel Inspection Guide. This may be done by visiting the ASHI Membership Directory.
  2. Agree on a meeting time with the ASHI Certified Inspector – Find out when he/she would like you to meet him/her and be on time. The inspection may take two or more hours. Please make yourself available to participate in the full and complete inspection from beginning to end. An incomplete inspection will not count toward the ASHI Parallel Inspection Program.
  3. Agree on a meeting location with the ASHI Certified Inspector – Find out exactly where to meet the ASHI Certified Inspector, making sure to observe parking rules at that location.
  4. Understand the dress code – Some inspectors’ companies have dress codes.  Make every attempt to “fit in” with the inspector. If no dress code is required, remember to dress professionally.
  5. Know what tools and equipment are needed – There is a basic set of tools needed to conduct a thorough home inspection. If you don’t have these tools, a set may be purchased from the ASHI Online Marketplace by clicking here.
  6. Review the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – A thorough review of the ASHI Standards of Practice is critical. Be sure to review the Glossary of Italicized Terms. The ASHI Standards may be found here.
  7. Be able to use your inspection reporting program/system – Because you will be completing a full home inspection conducted to the ASHI Standards of Practice, you will need to have a method of reporting what you have observed during your inspection. You may use the ASHI Parallel Inspection Training Report free as part of this program or purchase your own system by clicking here.
  8. Ask about the fee – Some ASHI Certified Inspectors charge a fee for conducting inspection training.  Find out from the ASHI Certified Inspector you are working with if you will be required to pay for the training.
  9. Understand your liability – You may want to contact your insurance provider to ensure you are covered for this type of inspection program. If you do not have insurance coverage (Errors and Omissions and General Liability), you can find a list of vendors by clicking here.
  10. Know when your report review will be completed – Know before you go on the inspection when you will provide your completed report to the ASHI Certified Inspector and when he/she will return it to you with comments and a completed ASHI Parallel Inspection Standards Compliance Checklist.

On the Day of the Inspection…

  1. Know your role – Understand the role the ASHI Certified Inspector would like you to play in the inspection. Remember that the ASHI Certified Inspector should be the primary contact with his/her clients. If you discover something that you find unusual or alarming, bring it to the attention of the inspector, not the client, or wait until after the inspection to ask about it.  By limiting your contact with the client (seller/buyer), you will be less likely to disrupt the inspection.
  2. Be professional and polite – The ASHI Certified Inspector may introduce you to those present at the inspection, so be ready to greet them warmly and professionally. Take special care in the home to be respectful of the furnishings and the property.
  3. Keep your promises to the ASHI Certified Inspector – Your ASHI Parallel Inspection Guide is investing time in helping.  Be sure to complete a comprehensive inspection report, and provide it to the ASHI Certified Inspector as promised.
  4. Keep your promise to ASHI – This program only counts as an ASHI Parallel Inspection if you receive the completed ASHI Parallel Inspection Standards Compliance Checklist from the ASHI Certified Inspector, and you make the suggested changes in your report. Be sure to make these changes promptly while the house and its conditions are still fresh in your mind.

After the Inspection…

  1. Thank those who need to be thanked – Thank the ASHI Certified Inspector who agreed to allow you to accompany him/her on the inspection.
  2. Keep track of your Parallel Inspections – You will earn 1 Continuing Education (CE) hour per Parallel Inspection, for a maximum of 10 per year. Be sure to keep track of your completed Parallel Inspections.
  3. Wrap up any loose ends – From completion of the report review to filing of paperwork, treat the ASHI Parallel Inspection as professionally as you would any inspection. Remember, the client (buyer/seller) is still connected to the ASHI Certified Inspector, so it is advisable not to contact these individuals as part of your marketing.

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