How I’m Not Like My Competition

There is no doubt about it. I’m unique. But…so are you.

We all have special qualities. They set us apart and “represent who we are”. However that fact does not preclude me from the opportunity to explain those differences. Not only do I have an opportunity, but you, as my client and customer have the right to know “how I’m not like my competition.”

First and foremost you should know that I’ve walked a long event-full path and when you hire me you’ll get the following.

I have been or/and am,

  • a cabinet maker,
  • a building subcontractor,
  • a framing contractor,
  • an award winning licensed home builder,
  • a land developer,
  • a licensed home inspector,
  • a handyman,
  • a remodeling contractor,
  • a website designer,
  • a home energy professional,
  • and a I represent the Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD) as a residential building compliance inspector.

No other licensed home inspector has my background. I am unique in that I am the most experienced construction consultant in Mississippi.

What I am not.

I am not singularly ONE of the above and it wouldn’t be prudent to place me under one single role, as that would defeat the purpose of hiring ALL of who I am to help you in your endeavors.  When you hire me I bring ALL of who I am to your project. I draw from all those experiences. I am truly a unique home inspector.

I am not the cheapest (in terms of inspection fee) home inspector in my market. If you are shopping or browsing or searching for a building consultant and you are making your choice based “the cheapest fee”, you are most likely going to be disappointed. Not necessarily because I am more expensive, but because it’s common knowledge that you usually get what you pay for (as a general rule). Most of my competition can be bought for less. But they have less to offer. After having spent almost 40 years in residential construction, I know the facts. I also believe you’ll want the facts.

I am not one to compromise your safety, your potential investment, our inspection fee, nor the trust you have in my experience. I value your business and I respect the fact that you rely on my experience. I am proud you are my client and my customer.

I am not like my competition.

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