Facebook Users GET More Than They GIVE

According to a PewResearch Project, 74% of adults online use social networking sites.

PewReaserch Findings - Who uses Social Networking Sites?
  • As of November 1, 2014 :: Facebook Population = 1.35 Billion
  • Average time all users spend online each day = 21 Minutes
  • US and Canada Facebook Population = 152 Million
  • Facebook Shares 62% of ALL Social Sharing
  • Most common reason for a FB user to unlike a brand page: Uninteresting content = 32%
  • 2nd Most common reason for a FB user to unlike a brand page: Too many post = 28%
  • 92% of all social marketers use FB advertising
  • Average click-through rate for all advertisers on FB = .05%
  • Data Source: http://expandedramblings.com/
What I read from above: There are millions of profiles on facebook. More of them live outside the US than inside and because it’s such a huge membership-based site almost all social marketing advertisers focus their ads on it’s members. However the click through rate is relatively low because users want to be shown interesting content and not too often. 
So – what do user’s do here?
The average Facebook user gets more from their friends on Facebook than they give to their friends. Why? Because of a segment of “power users,” who specialize in different Facebook activities and contribute much more than the typical user does. – Pew Report
Gary Smith - Professional Home Inspector and Construction Coach - iPad
Do you consider yourself a member or a “user”.

Pew Research Study

As reported from the folks at Pew Research: We conducted a new study that for the first time combines server logs of Facebook activity with survey data to explore the structure of Facebook friendship networks and measures of social well-being.
These data were then matched with survey responses. And the new findings show that over a one-month period:
  • 40% of Facebook users in our sample made a friend request, but 63% received at least one request
  • Users in our sample pressed the like button next to friends’ content an average of 14 times, but had their content “liked” an average of 20 times
  • Users sent 9 personal messages, but received 12
  • 12% of users tagged a friend in a photo, but 35% were themselves tagged in a photo

Read more about Facebook activity and Facebook “power users” in their report, Why most Facebook users get more than they give

What do you do on Facebook – are you a giver or a taker?

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