Are You An Easy HACK? :: 3 Tips to a Stay Safe, Sound, and Secure

safe-secureIf you’re not very careful with how you handle your mobile device internet connections, your account numbers, loan and case numbers, real estate pass key codes and other sensitive data are at risk of being hacked and your information is at risk of being compromised.

Here’s what I do to assure you that when you hire me to help you and your client, your data is in secure hands.

  • I use a secure web based email program, G-Mail, that uses an httpS connection. Once connected to their network, you can rest assure that Google’s email system keeps on using that httpS connection throughout my email session. Some services will use https for only your login, which is insufficient as your email conversations. Later in session they may “fall out” of https, reverting to unsecure http without warning. Facebook falls into this category. Facebook has a “require https” option, but apparently can fall out of https, particularly when various Facebook apps are used.
  • If you use a desktop email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or others, (I don’t use them) make certain that it’s configured to use SSL/secure connections for sending and downloading email. It takes a few minutes to set this up, but worth the security.
  • Open WiFi? Danger – Danger – Make sure that the “Firewall” is enabled on your system “before” connecting to an open WiFi hotspot. Various network-based threats could be present on an un-trusted connection, and it’s the firewall’s job to protect you. One of the safest options (the one I ALWAYS use) is the dedicated device called a MiFi.  It acts as my own personal “hotspot” and connects to my broadband network and includes a WPA/WPA2 password. 

I use a secure connection (httpS), I have a safe, password protected, Firewall set-up and when I’m mobile (Each and Every Day!) I connect to you through my own personal HotSpot that includes a WPA secured password connected to my broadband network.

SafeHome Inspections treats your data with the same care and concern as we do your home evaluation, assuring you that you’re data stays Safe, Sound and Secure.

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