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A/C Disconnect

A central air conditioner runs on 220 volts of electricity.  A connection must be made between the main electrical circuit panel in your home and the condensing unit in order for the air conditioning to run (large grey wire).  A skilled licensed electrical contractor should complete the high-voltage wiring.  Inexperience in this area can cause electrical shock […]

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Proper Air Flow

Have you noticed that some areas in your home are cooler or warmer (depending on the season) than other parts of your home. Maybe it’s a corner or an entire side wall. Air flow is important. Good air flow is even more important. Conditioned air enters your room through air supply vents. Once it leaves the […]

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How I’m Not Like My Competition

There is no doubt about it. I’m unique. But…so are you. We all have special qualities. They set us apart and “represent who we are”. However that fact does not preclude me from the opportunity to explain those differences. Not only do I have an opportunity, but you, as my client and customer have the […]

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Already thinking of Spring?

10 Ideas for a Soothing Sunroom Houzz– Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and More » Browse Bedroom Products on Houzz- For Example: Bed Pillows · Bedskirts · Duvet Covers · Shams · Bedroom Benches · Headboards · Nightstands And Bedside Tables · Sofa Beds ·

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Today’s Appraisals

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THE HILL Reports Housing Initiative – Project Rebuild

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) introduced the measure that expands the Neighborhood Stabilization Plan, and would offer $15 billion in grants for fixing up residential and commercial properties left vacant following foreclosure. It would also increase support for land banks, which work with communities to buy, hold and redevelop distressed properties as part of a long-term […]

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Are You Remodeling a Foreclosure? Inspect It First {Listen to This Podcast}

Podcast by ASHI – Inspect that foreclosure!

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If You Plan On Investing In A “Flip House” Do It Right

Ah the American dream. The hope that some saved investment money will yield more for you when your dreams become reality. You’ve spent hours watching the so called “Flip shows” on the DIY network and your burning desire is to be the next great guru of homes. The paint! The pretty fixtures! Everyone else is […]

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