How to Prevent Your Garage from Being Broken Into


Do you leave the door leading from your garage into your home unlocked? You may want to reconsider that option.

As a Mississippi Licensed Home Inspector recognizing potential danger zones is one of my primary concerns. I’ve noticed a potential safety risk in your garage. One that could lead a burglar right into your home.

Even though you’ve maintained your door, locked up the remote and you keep the door down when your away, breaking into a garage is actually pretty simple. In the video below I’ll pretend I’m the burglar (without a ski-mask or gloves).

FamilyHandymanLogoNOTE :: Hit the blue button and jump to to see how to build the shield mentioned in my video. The second video shows how to secure the lever.

See a Great Article on

I like his idea of putting a Zip Tie around the lever that is loose enough to allow you to pull the handle but too strong for a coat hanger.


Stay Safe!

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