How Buyers Can Increase The Odds of Catching More Defects

Here’s how buyers can increase the odds of catching more defects when it’s time to purchase a home.

Remember: You’ll be hiring a professional to perform a “visual” home inspection. Even if you aren’t a gambler you’ll understand the odds get better with more eyeballs on the house.

The National Association of Home Builders estimates there are over 3,000 components used in constructing a house. Deferred maintenance of those components account for the majority of recommendations in an inspection report.

Some homes present more risks than others. Obviously an inspector cannot control this, but will try to help educate you about what they don’t know during the inspection process. The information is more difficult to convey in a report and one of many reasons inspectors recommend that you attend the inspection.

The ultimate goal when purchasing a home is to choose one with few flaws/defects. Your home inspector can help achieve that goal by recognizing and addressing as many of the issues as possible. Let’s hedge the bet!

Here are three ways you can help increase the odds of moving into a more flawless home.

  1. from the start – be present during the inspection
  2. ask the inspector questions about the home
  3. be eager to learn more about maintaining your home

When you’re present for the inspection you automatically add another set of eyeballs to the inspection process.

When you ask the inspector questions, by default, you’ll pick up tips and valuable information about how to care and maintain your new place.

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There isn’t a better way to get to know your inspector and his/her talents than being present during the inspection. You’ll have the opportunity to combine the inspector’s knowledge and observation skills with your own concerns about the property. It’s the perfect (and appropriate) time to voice your concerns.

You should discuss this process with your real estate agent. You want the agent to know your goal includes you being present at the inspection. Even if you can only attend a portion of the inspection, your presence at the inspection will help you get “closer” to achieving your goal.

The odds are best when you are present for the inspection.

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