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The following content concerns heating and cooling installation.

Evidence of Previous Replacement

Because fan motors are unique to each manufacturer, new fan replacement wiring doesn’t always feed down to the capacitor as the original manufacturer designed. Consequently, when I see wiring pinned to the fan cowling in this manner, it usually indicates that the fan motor has been replaced at some point. Ask the seller when/if the system was last serviced, inquire whether the motor is currently under warranty, and get the unit’s service records. Here are some basics for the fan replacement. Note (in the video) how the fan wiring is typically fed through a protective sleeve.


Section 440.14 of the electrical code addresses the required power disconnect means for air conditioning equipment.

You’ll want to disconnect the power when it’s time to work on the equipment. In this image, the blue line runs under the house (in this case, a mobile home) and connects to the electric panel in the house. The rule states the point of disconnect should be within sight of the condensing unit. Also, note the disconnect should be readily accessible – which means it should not be installed behind the condenser. A licensed electrician is the best subcontractor to call, and don’t forget to confirm their current license. Follow for more DIY Inspection tips.

NOTE: The 2020 code defines readily accessible as – capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections without requiring those to whom ready access is requisite to take actions such as to use tools (other than keys), to climb over or under, to remove obstacles, or to resort to portable ladders, and so forth.

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