Do I Really Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

Let’s cut to the chase…unless you’re ready, willing, and able to do and have ALL of the following:

  • Locate potential property.
  • Schedule appointment to see property.
  • Know the market trends in the neighborhood
  • Know school district lines
  • Contact “The Right Lender”
  • Can locate parks and recreation, shopping and places of worship
  • Got the inside of market value
  • Can specialize in your price range
  • Can explain and write a sound contract
  • Know that lead paint, mold and asbestos are trouble makers
  • Determine and negotiate concessions (a most important and valued attribute/ability)
  • Able to present the contract to the seller’s agent
  • Know if the contract is signed and initialed correctly
  • Present the contract to the lender
  • Ensure the title is clear of encumbrances
  • Familiar with knowledgeable and trusted inspectors (me of course!!)
  • Can meet the inspector at the property
  • Interpret/Review the inspection report
  • Can negotiate proper repairs
  • Send the lender the inspection report
  • Can order and interpret the survey
  • Know the best pest control company
  • Read and understand insurance policies
  • Meet the appraiser at the property
  • Provide the appraiser with comparable value(s) (comps)
  • Make sure the repairs are complete
  • Make sure the loan funds
  • Coordinate the loan closing with the title company
  • Know the ins and outs of home warranties
  • Have an extra shoulder to lean on

If you can do all of the above…and you’re able to do it all VERY WELL…the answer is… YES! – You really really need a real estate agent.

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