Should I Tweet or Share it On Facebook?

I got this question from a fellow Google+er (inspector bud) over on my Google+ community Today’s Home Inspector.

First off, Twitter just introduced a great way to share and I just posted your question (see below) to twitter from my desktop where I am encouraging those who follow me to view this post. In the same way Facebook works, the post won’t be seen by anyone other than my followers (FB followers are the only ones who see my posts).

So, the trick, of course, is to push news and events you want promoted to the followers you’ve been able to connect with over time.

– –  In Comes Google – –

Google’s search algorithmic formulas now consider social ranking. Meaning that Google is beginning to show your organic search position on not only how many followers you have, but on “who those followers are”. Meaning you want to attract Twitter followers who are positioned fairly active. Although a bit dated (2011) this article explains the concept:

Since that article, Google+ has been introduced and integrated by Google. So, your original question: Facebook or Twitter, is a good one, but the better question is: How can I promote “through” Twitter and Facebook” and get search ranking? Based on the Google’s time and effort to compete in the growing social arena, you’ll want to do all, all at once, but lean on Google+.

See this video for some tips why.

The simple answer is yes, Tweet and Share your stories on FB. But more so, as Tommy Griffith (Social Media Today) puts it:

Create great content, share the hell out of it and induce as many relevant Likes, Posts, Tweets, Retweets, +1’s and Pins as possible from real, quality, actual people that are actually interested in your subject. You don’t need 1,000 retweets from automated bots in New Delhi, you need 5 retweets from 5 people that actually enjoyed your content. (That’s why it’s so important to find friends here on Google+ who will actually “share” your content. Meaning…share what you post on their wall!!)

Focus on sending a strong quality content signal to search engines, rather than worrying about the aggregate number of followers, friends, likes or retweets.

Social media sharing has become more than just the exclamation point on a website’s entire link profile. There’s been a substantial increase in the importance of social media as a quality signal in search engine rankings, and there’s no reason to believe it’s becoming any less influential anytime soon.

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