Indoor airPLUS Reporting Process Now Integrated with ENERGY STAR

As a green building verifier for the NAHB Green Building Program I know the importance of indoor air quality. I am also an ENERGY STAR partner and promote the ENERGY STAR method of building energy efficient homes.

Starting April 1, 2010, Indoor airPLUS will be included in the ENERGY STAR reporting process. During each reporting period (January, April, July, and October), Providers will report ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS homes to EPA on behalf of their builders and Raters through the ENERGY STAR Homes Online Submission Tool (HOST) available at

Within the report, Providers will specify the number of homes that earned the Indoor airPLUS label in addition to ENERGY STAR. Blank label stickers can be ordered through HOST for both Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR once the home reports are submitted. EPA is in the process of creating an Indoor airPLUS printing tool similar to ENERGY STAR that will allow Providers to customize and print sticker labels, certificates and homebuyer letters.

If you are not currently an ENERGY STAR partner or have questions about the reporting process, please contact them at

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