Humidifiers and Sun Screen

These two products work well but only in certain conditions. Lathering up with sun screen on a cloudy day makes about as much sense as living in the south and purchasing a humidifier.

Dr Allison Bailes says, “if you really want to solve the problem, seal the air leaks.” 

He goes on to say:

Ideally, you want the relative humidity (RH) in your home to be in the range of about 30% to 50%. For a lot of us, the summertime problem is keeping the RH low enough, but it’s the opposite in wintertime, even in humid climates. The air in homes often gets too dry. You’ll notice it because you get the static electricity shocks every once in a while, or you have to keep putting lotion on your dry skin.

When the company trying to sell you that humidifier says your home’s humidity is too low because there’s not enough water vapor in the indoor air. Yeah, yeah, that’s true, but it’s like saying you’re naked because you don’t have any clothes on. You’re just repeating the same thing in different words. What we really want to know is why you don’t have any clothes on…uh, I mean why the humidity in your home is so low.

The answer to that question is: Cold air is dry air. Understand that and you’ll know what I mean when I say a humidifier is Read More…


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