How Secure Is Your Folding Stairway Pulldown

DSC03742Yesterday’s inspection included a home with an open carport. The attic access (a folding stairway) was located inside the plywood ceiling of the carport.

Normally, you’d find a string hanging from the cover of the stairway. For outside locations that might present a bit of a security issue. A quick pad lock will help secure the hatch. Done…unless there was NO string to pull!

DSC03741Here’s a clever way to help prevent someone from easily opening the attic hatch door. (I’m not suggesting that you replace your padlocked stairway door, but this certainly is a clever way to prevent quick access.)

DSC03726Install a small eye-bolt on the face of the door conveniently using the hole left by removing the string.

Attach a small hook by screwing it into the end of a wood dowel. Now simply store the handle in a secure place.

This also works great to help prevent the unsightly string from dangling in your hallway, should you be unfortunate enough to have a folding stairway inside your home.

Learn why I feel that a folding stairway should NOT be installed in your home without taking special precautions: ATTIC STAIRS – You Could Have a Mind-Blowing Hole in Your Building Envelope.




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