Don’t Sell Without Getting An Annual Property Review

My neighbors are considering selling their home. They’re getting older – kids are grown and gone. You’ve heard the story. They live in a 28 year old home and they’re ready to ring their real estate agent. A growing number of sellers are taking advantage of the “pre-listing” home inspection.

It’s time for an Annual Property Review.

Getting a pre-listing inspection can help protect your investment. If you’re selling it can also better prepare you for price negotiations and can potentially save time and money as the home may need to be repaired or have key components replaced.

Getting ahead of repairs and preparing for the sale on your own schedule and budget makes sense and will save hard earned dollars.

Here are a few important points to remember.

Prepare. Prepare. Repair.

Contractor Image for Annual Property ReviewSellers need an edge. But…let’s face it. A pre-listing inspection won’t “make” the deal. It will, however, help optimize your chances of a “better” deal.

It’s not uncommon for buyers to sit on the fence and compare when negotiating. A clean bill of “house health” and a little documentation showing prior needed repairs have been completed, or even a report showing where the home needs a little TLC could nudge them your way.

Prepare. Prepare. Repair.

APR Won’t Replace the Buyer’s Inspections

To the point – an APR won’t be “the” inspection — it’ll be an inspection.  It’s a great idea to verify your place is clear of needed major repairs and you should make clear concise disclosures. Use the APR to help brief the buyer on why the property is being priced and what they’ll need to do (or, better yet, won’t need to do) later on. It may also allow you to negotiate an as-is offer.

Consider working with your listing agent to require the buyer sign written advice to get their own inspections. The APR will help you make the property available to the buyer…for just that purpose.

Full Disclosure.

Is An APR “For Seller’s Only”?

Absolutely NOT!

Smart homeowners maintain their home. Having your home inspected by a competent home construction professional on a regular basis is like investing in a savings account. Having the APR report ready at the time of sale is a tremendous benefit. Timely home maintenance actually lowers the cost of home ownership.

Clipboard for Annual Property ReviewInsurance companies love home owners who care about the product they insure. Lenders rest assured their investment is being maintained and protected.

The APR is designed to give you helpful direction on where you should be spending your time and money. The goal is to benefit both your wallet and your peace of mind in home ownership.

The Report you’ll receive summarizes everything you need to start to take action on your property. Plus if you need help finding someone do the work, we can help! SEE SAMPLE APR

You’ll also get a summary of all the ‘big ticket’ items on your property (roof, windows, siding, HVAC) and the expected remaining useful life and anticipated cost so you’ll have an idea of when future costs might come due.

Smart moves start here!

Schedule An APR Here

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