DIY Home Owner Gas Leak Detection

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Now that we are slowly getting into the heating season, you (and your family and friends) will be using natural and propane gas appliances more often. If you should smell gas, here’s a handy (and safe) method of locating the fittings or joints that might be the problem.


ALWAYS! Contact a professional plumber to make repairs. If you feel you need our help – we’re just a phone call away. 601-454-5559. Call your local gas company to repair shut off valves and meter leaks.


  • If you are unsure, do not attempt to locate the source of the odor. Evacuate the premises immediately and call 911!
  • If the odor is very strong or you hear a blowing or hissing noise, vacate the building immediately, leaving doors unlocked as you go. Warn others as you exit. Do nothing that could create an ignition source. Do not light a match or use any type of phone or battery-powered equipment. Do not turn electrical equipment or light switches on or off. Do not start your car or any type of motorized equipment. Call 911 only after you have reached a safe distance away from the building or area.

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