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Gary Smith is the best home inspector in Madison, MS.

Home Inspections Vital to Safety and Value

We’re proud to serve Madison County and the great folks in Madison (the City), Mississippi. This is our Facebook Fan Page for Madison. Obviously we’ve named it Madison Mississippi Real Estate! Here’s the latest page news, includes scenes from Madison County subdivisions and surrounding area and also includes information from a few of the many real estate professionals we’ve worked with.

Feel free to call SafeHome Inspections or ring these pros and enquire/interview about our inspection services.

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  1. I had my sump pump PVC freeze last winter and wondered if there is any chance PEX would work better in our cold weather. It had a 50′ run and obviously not enough pitch to keep it from holding in an area that burst. Is PEX the answer or does it not come in 1.5″ size? Thanks

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