Appliance Inspection

Range, Wall Oven, Cooktop

ASHI STANDARD OF PRACTICE : 10.1.F: The inspector shall inspect installed ovens, ranges, surface cooking appliances, microwave ovens, dishwashing machines, and food waste grinders by using normal operating controls to activate the primary function. The inspector is NOT required to inspect installed and free-standing kitchen and laundry appliances not listed in Section 10.1.F. and/or appliance thermostats including their calibration, adequacy of heating elements, self cleaning oven cycles, indicator lights, door seals, timers, clocks, timed features, and other specialized features of the appliance and/or operate, or confirm the operation of every control and feature of an inspected appliance.

I check inside the oven and check all burners to determine if anything could be damaged by operating the appliance. I will consider to move/remove anything that might be damaged. If obstructions are present that, in my opinion, prohibit the inspection I will note that fact in the report.

I check the condition of the oven and burners to determine if it appears safe and prudent to operate the appliance. Excessive food spillage and visible damage to heating elements are examples of situations when I might consider not operate the appliance.

I check for absent and damaged knobs and controls that might make operation difficult.

I check that the wall oven and cooktop are attached to their cabinet/counter top.

I check door operation. It should move freely and not bind, scrape, or hit nearby objects. Example: If the door drops hard when opening, the springs are probably weak or damaged. If it binds or scrapes, the door might be installed incorrectly or the hinges might be bent or damaged.

If accessible I check the condition of visible electrical and gas connections. Example: I know that plug-and-cord cables and flexible gas connectors should not pass through walls, floors, and ceilings. Keep in mind – I am not required to move the appliance to do this. I’m not required to, and I will not connect the cooking appliance to the electrical or gas supply.

I will not consider operating the appliance if any of the above are not satisfactory.

I check for the presence and operation of the range anti-tip bracket.

Microwave Ovens and Exhaust Fans

I check the visible exhaust duct material (if installed) to confirm it’s condition and installation.
I check the fan’s exterior termination to confirm it’s condition.