Builder’s Warranty Inspections

I inspect pre and post pour foundations and provide elevation inspections and evaluations for new home construction, remodeling, landscaping and deck construction.

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The ZIPLEVEL┬« PRO-2000 consists of a Base Unit that stores its hand held Measurement Module, 100′ (60m) of interconnecting Cord, User Guide and all accessories. Accessories include, a rubber protective Boot for the Measurement Module, a Unipod for measuring without bending and a pair of stakes to secure the Base Unit on a hillside. The fully extended Unipod doubles as a 4′ (121.9cm) vertical calibration standard for the system.

The 2000B: The ZIPLEVEL┬« PRO-2000B is essentially a PRO-2000 with a shorter Cord and no accessories. The less expensive PRO-2000B comes without a protective rubber Boot, Unipod or Stakes and has 75′ (23m) of Cord that covers a 150′ (46m) circle. Each of the ZIPLEVEL accessories can be purchased individually. Purchase of Protective Boot is highly recommended for rugged applications.