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Video Post Gas Leak

DIY Home Owner Gas Leak Detection

Now that we are slowly getting into the heating season, you (and your family and friends) will be using natural and propane gas appliances more often. If you should smell gas, here’s a handy (and safe) method of locating the fittings or joints that might be the problem.

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Time to replace that manual thermostat!

Another Field Photo from Construction Coach Gary Smith – Here are a few details: Gary’s Instagram Profile Link URL: GO HERE The Location Name: SafeHome Inspections The image date: Dec 12, 2013 @ 14:03 Number of image “Likes”: [igp-likes] Request Inspection by clicking the Big Blue Button to the right –> AND… For more social […]

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Humidifiers and Sun Screen

These two products work well but only in certain conditions. Lathering up with sun screen on a cloudy day makes about as much sense as living in the south and purchasing a humidifier. Dr Allison Bailes says, “if you really want to solve the problem, seal the air leaks.”  He goes on to say: Ideally, […]

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