Remodeling at the Speed of Trust

Last week, for the fun of it, I Googled how to hire a contractor. I discovered a couple of fascinating facts. “How to hire a contractor” comes directly between “How to hire a bill collector” and “How to hire a hit man”, and Kim Kardashian is only Googled three times more than “How to hire a contractor”

Now you may need to hire a hit man and/or a bill collector if you do hire the wrong contractor but this really isn’t really an article about how to hire a contractor. This is about why so much is written about the topic. All the information written on the subject could be boiled down to one thing. Rocket - Mike Otto


The single most important criteria when choosing a remodeler is trust. Can you trust not only the individual remodeling company but also all their employees, subcontractors, and suppliers? Let me give you a few common examples to show you what I mean.

When the actual construction starts on a remodeling project, it is a high stress moment for most homeowners. The house is all taped off with plastic and paper, portions of your house are torn apart, people that you are not real familiar with are working in your house and you have just paid your remodeler a significant amount of money.

Then you get the bad news that there was hidden rot behind the walls and there is a radiator line running in a wall that nobody knew about. The cost of those repairs is $5000.

If this happens more than once, would you start to question whether or not everyone has your best interests in mind?

Fast forward a couple of weeks and one or two things were damaged in transit and a cabinet or countertop was made up the wrong way. You might start to wonder what kind of people your contractor is working with.

How do you think you would feel if you had to try to decide if you could trust everything your contractor or their workers had to tell you?

How much stress would that cause you?

Completely trusting anyone can be a hard thing to do. It can be even harder under the duress of a remodeling project.

I think the reason why so many books and articles are written on the topic is because people are desperate for a way to find someone they can trust.

It does pay to do the due diligence that most of those articles mention. As you are doing that, ask yourself these questions:

What kinds of people do I already trust?

What characteristics do those people have?

Does the contractor I am considering have these characteristics? Do the people the contractor has working in my home have the same characteristics as people I already trust?

Working at the speed of trust makes your remodeling project go so much smoother and, in fact, makes it go much quicker. In the end, it also makes for a lower stress experience.

I started my own contracting company in 1992. Over the years, I have developed a strong belief in good design and sustainable building methods and materials. I spend much of my time educating clients and the general public about the foundations of good design and sustainability with an emphasis on why they are essential to residential construction.

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