EPA Sets Fine of $37,500 for Unqualified Contractors

Common renovation activities like sanding, cutting, and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint, which can be harmful to adults and children. To protect against this risk, on April 22, 2008, EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices and other actions aimed at preventing lead poisoning. Under […]

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Will My Exposed Slab Be An Issue When I Want to Sell?

Gary, I have a question about my personal home that you might be able to answer. The south side of my yard is considerably lower than the north. Therefore my flower beds on the south side are more “raised”. We want to lower the beds by removing dirt but it will make the actual foundation […]

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Indoor airPLUS Reporting Process Now Integrated with ENERGY STAR

As a green building verifier for the NAHB Green Building Program I know the importance of indoor air quality. I am also an ENERGY STAR partner and promote the ENERGY STAR method of building energy efficient homes. Starting April 1, 2010, Indoor airPLUS will be included in the ENERGY STAR reporting process. During each reporting […]

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Why do the light bulbs in my house die so often?

Three things to look into if your bulbs keep blowing. Your bulb supplier (cheap bulbs use thin filament), check the wire connections inside your bulb holder (loose wire in the fixture), and check to see

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Deep Energy Retrofit

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Jeff Smith, a host for HDTV and the DIY Network, about deep energy retrofits. How are they different from energy audits and what are their benefits? Check out his website at www.thegreenedhouseeffect.com. [podcast]http://lisacohn.audioacrobat.com/deluge/6a55441a-0f3b-fbfe-add9-72dfd5a25ff7.mp3[/podcast]

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New Homes Getting Smaller

“Home buyers are finding that they would prefer to spend their housing budget on lower energy costs and features, rather than sacrificing that quality for more space,” said Central MS energy rater and home builder Gary Smith. This sentiment was mirrored in the 2007-2008 Consumer Preferences Survey conducted by the National Association of

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State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program

ARRA allocated $2.8 million to Mississippi to develop and administer a residential rebate program for the purchase of ENERGY STAR-rated appliances. MDA’s Energy Division will partner with utility companies and retailers to promote the program statewide, encouraging Mississippians to replace existing, energy inefficient appliances with new ones. This rebate program will save energy and stimulate […]

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Deal or No Deal? 7 New Home Sales Tips – Podcast

Most of us are familiar with the popular TV show, Deal or no Deal. The show has a good formula for how to negotiate: There is pressure, tension, drama and expectation; it follows a lot of the patterns of negotiating.

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