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I Have a Property Disclosure Statement – Do I Need a Home Inspection

I received a note from a potential client last month. It went like this: Hi Gary -I’ve been looking for a home for months now and finally settled with the seller. It’s being offered by a FSBO (for sale by owner) and the seller has been truly wonderful to work with. They’ve invited me in […]

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Preventing Waste Line Noise in a Two Story Home

The Issue We’re at the inspection and I ask my client to stand near a downstairs wall that I suspect holds the waste line for an upstairs toilet. Before heading upstairs I asked her to listen for sounds of rushing water. I flush. I hear a few comments from the downstairs “listener” (and they’re not […]

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Home Inspector Business Development at Deep South Inspector Conference

The Deep South Inspector Conference included Hollis Brown sharing the Do’s and Do Better’s of the home inspection business. He says, “you learn in two ways, by repetition and by shock”. The key is to not be repeatedly shocked! Hollis Brown came to the home inspection profession in 1997, a 25‐year veteran of the east coast home building […]

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Are You Remodeling a Foreclosure? Inspect It First {Listen to This Podcast}

Podcast by ASHI – Inspect that foreclosure!

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Training Advice For Future Minnesota Home Inspectors

I always call people back to chat about this business and give the long answers to all of these questions; there is no such thing as licensing for home inspectors in Minnesota, so there is no ‘right’ answer to these questions. I’m happy to share my time chatting about this stuff, but I end up […]

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Collusion between agents and home inspectors isn’t the norm

  Collusion between agents and home inspectors isn’t the norm Q. I am a court-certified expert witness in construction defect lawsuits. Many of the cases I see involve home inspectors who fail to disclose defects. One inspector confided that an inspection report with “too many problems” might “kill” the sale, and then the agent would […]

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We Want to Sell and Want to Know the Value of a Home Energy Rating

Statistics show that lowering home energy usage directly improves value. This notion is supported by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, ENERGY STAR, FHA and VA financing instruments. When you increase the value through energy savings the increase is recognized in the new loan. A potential buyer will consider cost to operate the home, but only if […]

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Will My Exposed Slab Be An Issue When I Want to Sell?

Gary, I have a question about my personal home that you might be able to answer. The south side of my yard is considerably lower than the north. Therefore my flower beds on the south side are more “raised”. We want to lower the beds by removing dirt but it will make the actual foundation […]

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