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Indoor Air Quality

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How Your House Works

Attention first time home buyers! I always include helpful hints, maintenance tips and how to advice with every home inspection. Whether you’re building, buying or selling I share my 40+ years experience. For the next 30 Days (March 16, 2014 till April 15, 2014) I’ll include a free copy of How Your House Works to […]

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Non-vented Fireplaces

I assume when the fireplace industry named them “Vent-Free” the move was to play upon the term “free”. I’d like to offer you this opportunity to watch a short video (with Quiz) and to read this article by Dr Allison Bailes. I often quote Dr Bailes  here on Real Estate Reality and do so again: Yeah, […]

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2 Reasons Why Frost is Forming in My Attic?

I got a call from a past inspection client this morning. He has a valid concern: frost forming and water dripping from his decking – inside his attic. The frost forming in his attic is basic building science. 1) Super cold temps (frigid air)  are present in your attic and mixing with 2) Warm moist air […]

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ASHI Certified Home Inspector

Inspector Training

I am available for Ride-Along inspector training. Please adhere to the following. Before the Inspection | On the Day of the Inspection | After the Inspection As part of being an ASHI Associate on an ASHI Parallel Inspection, your responsibilities include: Being respectful of the full ASHI Certified Inspector (and possibly another ASHI Associate) before, during and after […]

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Drummer’s Beat

I remember that morning like it was yesterday. I had traveled to a west coast city for a business meeting. I awoke earlier than usual and for some strange reason I felt the need to take a walk. My hotel was located in a fairly safe area of town and gave in to the urge. […]

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Gary Smith - 203(k) Trainer - Coach - Bathroom Remodel

Easy to Use Bathroom Remodeling Form

HOUZZ SLIDE SHOW :: Bathrooms by the Numbers If you’re considering upgrading your home’s bathroom one of the first questions to ask yourself is does this make a smart investment. Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is the most renovated room in the home and in terms of value you’ll recoup, on average, about $6.50 […]

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