20 Things to Consider Beyond the Home Inspection

Now that we’ve given your place a thorough inspection let’s take the purchase decision a step further. Here are 20 things to consider when buying a home.


Home Inspector – Home Builder and Building Consultant/Coach

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  1. http://www.114-west.com/ March 27, 2017 at 8:37 am #

    Hannah – I’m new to KT brewing, and my friend is SCOBY-sitting until my supplies roll in. Anyway, I’ve was told that a ceramic (and therefore, dark), lead-free crock is the way to go – but then I see your SCOBY hotel in a clear glass jar. What’s up? If I cover the sides of my 3 gallon clear glass jar with a towel, will that be dark enough to brew? Thanks – love your site and your energy. KT-generated, no doubt?

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